My Spiritual Awakening - Evolving True Self To A Higher Consciousness 

My Spiritual Story

I am Leo Legacy, I use Leo Legacy as an online alias and the name Legacy as a name and not the words meaning. I have a website for sharing a personal blog and other interesting things.

My Spiritual Awakening!

I am interested in spiritual teachings which have been proven true to me via various situations in my life. At the worst possible moment in my life, I had what is called a spiritual awakening! Because of this I am really intrigued in learning more and sharing my thoughts on the topic.

I also write poetry or enjoy writing poetry, so I share a few poems on my site.

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My Mission

To help bring the consciousness of the world to a higher level and through the deep clouds of thought, with Eckhart Tolle and Dr Wayne W. Dyers Teachings and sharing the teachings of my own I have learned through various syncronocities and how to connect with the spiritual realm and use it to guide us through life.

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